The new junior female FNQ Footballers expecting big victories

There is an exciting buzz from the FNQ football pitches as a wave of new female talent emerges. Reggie Davani, who has recently been appointed FNQ Technical Development Manager to the club has shown confidence in his players and expresses excitement at what the future holds.

First up, original Cairns midfielder Morgan Stanton has come out on top as she continually strives for success. Before an injury send her off the pitch, Stanton scored an impressive 43 goals last year whilst competing at the Community Cup for The Strikes. Stanton’s fierce determination accompanied with her athletic stamina is a formula for triumph.

“I want to get identified or scouted … so I’m working hard.”

“You have to really focus on your play and your mindset. It’s intense”, she told Cairns Post.

Stanton has all the right qualities and sets her sights on following the path of her idols who play for the Matildas. If you didn’t know who Morgan Stanton was, you definitely will do now as she is set to storm the pitch as we expect great things to come from her in the future.

Next up is Aleeah Davern who is a midfielder for the Leichhardt Lions Premier League and demonstrates a powerful play on the pitch. Davern will only improve and grow in confidence as she dominates the pitch and impresses spectators with her strong performance and techniques. Despite Davern’s young age, she was invited to represent Queensland at the Girls National Training Centre Challenge for Under 17’s. This experience is vital for regional players to interact with other female football talent. It is also a unique opportunity to show off to FFA officials and Australian national team selectors.

Molly Waddingham left a striking impression as she was the second junior league player asked to represent Queensland and join the Brisbane Roar/ QAS at the Australian Institute of Sport. Waddingham competed in Canberra for the Football Federation Australia (FFA) Girls National Training Centre (NTC) Challenge for the Under 17’s. It is clear Waddingham has set the bar high as head coach David Da Silva was impressed by her performance and encourages regional players like Waddington to take opportunities that expose their skill and are able to see the standard of other players.

Photo: Anna Rogers

Thirteen-year-old Alesha Mills is a name to remember as she makes her mark on the football grounds. At the start of her career Mills has already made her name known playing for Peninsula and the Queensland School Sport side. Mills was amongst the best players selected, including Waddingham from Cairns to represent FNQ in the Bill Turner Football State finals. Players who frequently push themselves to play against opposition team, allow the chance for greater development and bettering their skill and knowledge within the game.

Twins Kylie and Monica Vecchio are the latest siblings to exhibit talent at the top of their game. After a positive time playing for Innisfail United, there was an exciting buzz around their move to Edge Hill United. Kylie has made a reputation for herself as she scored 10 goals with her previous club, positioning herself as stricker for Edge Hill United. Monica, a strong defender, has shown her skill in scoring as she also made three goals in her previous season.

Tonia-Marie Rantucci was chosen to represent Queensland at the Westfield National Youth Championships last year in Coffs Harbour and has gone from strength to strength ever since. It is clear Rantucci has a lot to give in the game and she pushes boundaries on the pitch.

Ticara-Jane Argent is an achiever on the field and showcases a strong sense of football ability. Argent has played alongside players such as Mills when representing Queensland making her name known as a fast defender and goalkeeper. Mia Bailey, also known for her outstanding goalkeeping has recently moved across to play for Brisbane. Bailey is on the right path to becoming a player for the national senior team as her strengths continue to grow.

Photo: Branden Randke

It is evident that the standard of young female football players is developing fast. Providing the next generation of Australia’s female footballers with the appropriate coaching is vital to the future of the sport and their players. Ensuring that facilities are designed to enhance each players skills and are equip to the growing demand and standard of the sport.

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