Teams Selected For 2019 Masters Indoor World Cup

Australia’s teams for the 2019 Masters Indoor World Cup have been announced following the conclusion of the 2018 Indoor Masters Challenge in Goulburn.

The inaugural Indoor Masters Challenge wrapped up on Sunday with 24 teams across five different divisions fighting it out for honours.

The Indoor Masters Challenge was also a key selection opportunity for the 2019 Masters Indoor World Cup which will be played in Hong Kong from 14-17 February.

Australia will field teams in the following divisions; Over 40’s Women, Over 45’s Women, Over 50’s Women, Over 40’s Men and Over 45’s Men.

Hockey Australia congratulates all of those selected in the teams with further announcements to come in due course on coaches, shadow players and team officials.

Over 40’s Women

Amy Billett, Georgina Gunner, Jill Hay, Lee Hodge, Reita Holmes, Nanette Latta, Amanda Meech, Anne-Marie Murray, Rebecca Platten-Reynolds, Lisa Quinn, Narelle Richardson, Jenine Watson. Coach: David Mike

Over 45’s Women

Sharon Brown, Leanne Croft, Denise Gersbach, Trudy Green, Michelle Kennedy, Kim McCaw, Tracey Preston, Lisa Roach, Karen Seaman, Rachel Sihota, Amanda White, Nicole Wicks

Over 50’s Women

Karen Becker, Sue Briggs, Lyn Collett, Danielle Cook, Linda Ferguson, Helen McGee, Susan Mott, Kaylene Osborne, Tania Parker, Donna Parsons, Myra Reilly, Linda Smith. Shadow Players: Rosemary Cheetham, Robin Gorton, Tracey Hardie-Jones, Susan Thomas

Over 40’s Men

James Abbo, Philip Barrett, Andrew Burns, Martin Cashmere, Andrew Fenton, Stewart Fenton, Ridwan Houston, Chris McCarthy, Michael Peters, Chris Stolk, David Tilker, Grant Trollope. Shadow Players: Mark Low, David McGregor

Over 50’s Men

Andre Cabral, James Crabb, Ashley Grummitt, Allen Hart, James Heath, Tibor Hegyi, Peter Huk, Paul John, Greg Johnson, David Sharpe, Richard Thompson, Colin Trinder. Shadow Players: Andrew Bewick, Mark McElligott, Andrew Myhill

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