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We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Rally legend, Molly Taylor and ask some questions about her career, and where she is going to next.

WSN : Rally racing can run over several days- how do you keep your stamina up throughout the stages?

MT : Lots of strength and endurance training to enable you to be a 100% focussed through each stage, but you need to be able to switch off and relax between the stages as well, or you will burn out.

WSN : Where have you competed overseas?

What has been your most memorable race? Why?

MT: Rally Finland, in 2014. It’s the most iconic and toughest rally in the world and where I had by best result in the Junior Championship, placing third. Of course another one of my favourite memories so far was winning the Australian Championship in 2016, which meant so much to me.

WSN : You were awarded the Peter Brock Medal, one of the most prestigious awards in Australian motorsport, awarded to the driver who has demonstrated similar characteristics to the late Peter Brock AM, and also about a willingness and capacity to promote the sport in the wider community. How did that feel?

MT : Shocked, surprised and honoured. There are such talented people on that list and to receive such a prestigious and special award and have your name associated with a legend like Peter’s was a humbling, inspiring and an amazing experience all at the same time.

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WSN : When did you know that driving was going to be your profession rather than just a passion?

MT : I always wanted it to be since I got my licence when I was 17, but it took more that 10 years to make being a professional in motor racing a reality.

WSN : What advice would you give young women striving to enter motorsport?

MT : Dive in and give it your all. Many of the things that look scary from the outside don’t seem so bad when you are doing them. The motorsport community is a really welcoming and supportive, so if you love it, go at it!

WSN : If you could make one change to the rules of your series, what would it be?

MT : I think that I would have to say I would adjust some of the technology around the geometry of the car. The rules limit us now and that would be the most interesting change to make.

WSN : How did you start out in Rallying?

MT : My parents were involved in the sport and when I got my drivers licence at 17, my Dad was running a rally school and wanted us to learn how to control a car better. I was hooked from then!

WSN : You have had an outstanding career, what has the your major highlights/achievements in Rallying?

MT : Winning the Australian Championship, competing in Europe, being awarded the Peter Brock medal and signing with Subaru. There have been many moments, so it is hard to choose just one!

WSN : How does it feel to be the first woman and youngest driver  to win the Australian Rally Championship?

MT : It was amazing to win the Australian Rally Championship, but really if I was the second, or third woman to have won, it would have felt just as amazing. What really resonates with me though is now I can help show other women that they can achieve these things too.

WSN : Given your success, do you have any other milestones that you want to achieve in Rallying?

MT : I would love to win another Australian Rally Championship, and compete again in Europe

WSN : What is it like working with a sponsor like Subaru?

MT : I love working with Subaru. The whole community has such a passion for the brand. When you go into the Subaru offices, they have the rally videos playing on the walls of the office and everyone follows the progress of the team. Even the people not directly involved in the rally program are fully behind what we are trying to achieve.

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WSN : Have you ever had any serious injuries? Did they effect your performance, and how did you recover from these?

MT : No, not from motor racing. There is a lot of safety equipment to protect you when you are in the car, so we take that side very seriously.

WSN : Who is your number one role model growing up?

MT : My Mum. A lot of people don’t know it but my mum won 4 titles as a rally Co-Driver. Growing up watching her at the top of her career gave me the impression that motorsport was a normal profession for women. She ‘got on  with the job’, at a time when women didn’t really get involved with the sport.

WSN : Do you ever feel pressure to be a role model to younger girls and how do you deal with that?

MT : No, I don’t think that I feel pressured into being a role model. When you can see the impact you have on young women and see them understand that they are not limited is very special and you immediately want to foster that support.

Getting to know you

•             Born and raised: Sydney, Australia

•             Currently living: Melbourne, Australia

•             Personal motto: Try to achieve something and make every day count

•             Success is: Getting the most out of every day

•             People are surprised that I: Can speak Italian…. Badly J

•             I’m most proud of: My family

•             Guilty pleasure: Chocolate

•             3 things vital to my day: Exercise, laughter and learning something.

•             Favourite drink: English Breakfast Tea

You can follow Molly at :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MollyRally/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/molly_rally/?hl=en
Website : www.mollytaylor.com.au

Find out more about Subaru Motorsport at : https://www.subaru.com.au/motorsport

Find out more about the CAMS Australian Rally Championship at : www.rally.com.au

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