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Thank you for taking the time to read this page and for your interest in sponsoring what we are doing. We are taking a two pronged approach to Women in Sport. These are :
• Grassroots activities and training
• Media and publicity

How can you help? We are always looking for ways to improve our services to sports and the women who play them, we and we will continue to push the boundaries as much as possible. To do this, we need your help. Whether is a direct donation, your time, or even support with equipment/materials, we are grateful for you help and choosing us to work with.

For sponsorships, we can discuss what it is that you are looking for and on what platform, but are always happy to work together. Please send us an email at and lets discuss how we can work together.

A little more on what we do with WSN and our Sister group, W Sports.

Grassroot Development

Our grassroots program is managed by W Sports Inc, a not for profit focussing on the introduction and retainment of Women and Girls in sports. W Sports also runs our Footy Mums Program, along with our coaching and referring development program. We are focussing on football (soccer) as the initial game, but are ready to increase to multiple sports in the near future through expansion by cooperation and the development of new leagues.

Footy Mums
W Sports, working in partnership with iSoccer Australia, has set out to create an environment that was comfortable, enjoyable and flexible to cater the needs of Queensland’s diverse female community.
W Sports is excited to launch the new Footy Mums initiative for 2018. This programme is designed to allow all ladies the opportunity to try football for the first time. Whether you are a “soccer mum” taking your children to training, a female looking for a new and enjoyable way to keep fit, or looking to return to a fun format of football, Footy Mums provides the perfect foundation.
Hannah, who began playing football last year as her daughter joined the Footy Mums initiative, loves how the new format fits around her commitments. “It’s amazing… it gets me out of the house but works around my work and childcare commitments. It’s improved my fitness whilst giving me the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy a sport I previously felt excluded from. “
Footy Mums is held during the day while the kids are at school and provisions are made for mums who bring toddlers or pre-school aged children with them. All games are designed to finish before school is out to work with the mums ongoing commitments. The expansion of the program is designed to create a new inter-mural league with exercise, fun and friendship at its core. The program is free of charge to participants.
A similar program is being run in Victoria called Soccer Mums.

Coaching & Referring
There is a significant shortage of properly qualified female coaches and referees in sports in Australia. While sports such as netball, golf, tennis, hockey and swimming are well represented, sports such as football, rugby, AFL, etc.

Mentorship Program
The W Mentorship Program is designed to train young female coaches, who in turn will act as educators and mentors to students in schools who wish to further develop and progress their sports, and/or coaching careers.
The mentorship program is part of a holistic support system approach to enabling promising young athletes to train as coaches and then take these skills and support girls in primary and high schools through their development. W Sports is aiming to increase the number of active and elite female coaches and to create an improved female coaching culture. The mentee coaches will eventually be able to step into a coaching leadership role as they attain their National B license.
The program is specifically designed where the mentees will get guidance, support, personal development along with ongoing employment opportunities.


W Sports works with other sporting organisations to engage women and girls into an environment where a multitude of sporting opportunities exist year round, in a safe and non-threatening environment.
Many clubs do not have the ability to serve female players, whether due to facilities, level of female recruitment or general apathy in the female game, and because of such do not actively seek women or girls out for their clubs, or do not offer female only teams and players need to participate in ‘mixed’ teams.
Our position is to work with the clubs to develop their women’s teams on their behalf utilising the W Sports facilities and female coaching staff to develop leagues access to many clubs who do not currently have this. By centralising the management of this, allows us to work across a more diverse area and age range, while developing a foundation of qualified female coaching staff, mentors and leaders
The facilities for these sports are well served with consciously designed amenities for use by women and girls.

The Women’s Sports Network (WSN)

The Women’s Sports Network (WSN) is our media arm. It is again a not for profit entity, which is designed to be a 25 hour women’s sports network channel. This service is designed to actively engage with female athletes and enhance their public perception encouraging a new generation of young athletes while addressing the gender bias of many sports. Female athletes also tend to get less ‘air time’ than their male counterparts as many advertisers and networks feel that their male stars are more commercial. WSN will be focussing on the promotion of professional female athletes across Queensland and Australia.

WSN currently has cooperation agreements in place with the University of Southern Queensland, and is currently seeking to acquire the old Briz31 slot on the FetchTV network which would allow us to reach a national audience on free to air digital TV. WSN is currently in the final stages of development of our WebMag with streaming Video on Demand and the development of in house sports variety program, entitled “Women in Sport”.
This would be the only 100% Sports program in the world dedicated to women.

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