Are Our Voices Heard?

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WSN, the Women’s Sports Network, is passionate about promoting female athletes from across the world in every sport.

WSN was created to try and address some of the imbalance with coverage in Women’s Sports today. In looking at it, there really is little difference in the way that women are addressed in a male dominated area of our society as it stands today, in fact, I would go as far as to say that it is similar the 1970’s, just with a better curtain so as it appears to be more equal. But it is not. The conditions, pay, recognition, etc. etc., are a long way from being equal.

I know, I know, you are saying that men’s sport has more advertising and therefore they get better salaries, etc. blah blah. (yes I can say that because it is my blog!), but why should that be at the cost of the Women’s game? And there are differences. Take the Bulldogs Mad Monday scandal. If this was a woman, she would have been instantly terminated, instead of a psychologist stepping up to say this is a case of “boys being boys”.

I feel that the inclusion of Women in Sport is an important way of addressing an age old social problem, because if women were really integrated across the board, then the curtain would be peeled back and more and more would be done at all levels of social equality and integration.
Now, I have to say, that the more that we do the better. I do not think that this is anything more than an equality issue, nor do I believe that we should start out by punishing men. This issue needs to be resolved by us, the women in sport and their supporters. Celebrate female athletes, support their games, by a guernsey with their name on it (if you can find one), write to the clubs and demand more air time.
So lets do that. That is what WSN is about. We’d love some help on stories, so if you are with a club, let us know. If you have a video or a story, we’d love to hear from you!
Join #teamWSN and help us to get our female athletes the recognition they deserve.
– Jo
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